'I am sure it will help to inform Australians of the Gallipoli Campaign and provide a perspective that they might not otherwise see.'
His Excellency I.K. Forsyth, Ambassador of Australia.

'Savaş Karakaş has achieved a magnificent task bringing the wrecks of the Gallipoli Campaign lying under the calm waters of the Dardanelles and the beaches around the peninsula to the attention of the historians and the public. This daring achievement without doubt deserves public acclaim and encouragement for further studies in this field.'
Kenan Çelik OAM, Gallipoli Guide and Historian. Onsekiz Mart University.

'Hopefully, a big stride forward in Australian-Turkish understanding of a significant event in both Turkish and Australian national history. It is particularly valuable for its original and striking underwater footage of the large number of wrecked battleships around the Gallipoli peninsula - this has never been viewed on film before.'
Ashley Ekins, Senior Historian, Australian War Memorial

'I saw the excellent Gallipoli programme on SBS - so much better, so much more imaginative and accurate than anything else I've seen on the subject.'
Brenda Walker, War Novelist, University of Western Australia.

'I have just finished watching History in the Depths and I enjoyed it very much,. It has given me a new perspective on the whole Gallipoli Campaign. The old footage of the ships at sea was fantastic. The underwater scenes were interesting and added another dimension to the telling of the story.
What I found most refreshing and unique in this account of the Gallipoli campaign was the point of view of the Turkish troops. As you can imagine all we ever get from film and documentary makers over here is how great the ANZACS were and confirmations of the legend of the ANZAC. But to see the Turkish point of view, opened up a whole new perspective.
The aerial footage of the peninsula today was breathtaking. I found the whole documentary to be fascinating and informative. The voice overs in the native dialect was a nice touch and they were well placed over some great still shots and excellent footage.
Savas, thank you for making such a refreshing and informative documentary.'
Chris Thomas - Australia

'The film presents an interesting perspective of events of 1915 with much archive material, in addition to which there is striking underwater footage including the wrecks of HMS Irresistible, Majestic and Triumph and the Turkish battleship Mesudiye.'
David Saunders, Editor The Gallipolian, Gallipoli Association - England

'Congratulation, it is very interesting. I enjoyed watching the whole program. The explanation of the whole history is very clear and precise, just enough to understand the whole battle without been boring. Good job! I will stay in contact with you and hope to be able to come dive in Turkey very soon.'
Marc Verstraete Van de Weyer - Belgium

'To me the interest is the wrecks. We have many shows on the ANZAC story. None on the Turkish view however. None on the wrecks. There is the strength.'
Ross J. Bastiaan, Periodontist - Australia

'This unique story from the Dardenelles is a poignant and never before seen insight to the tragic campaign that cost New Zealand families many of their sons. What makes this story even more unusual is that it is given from the Turkish perspective in a war that saw over 500,000 lives sacrificed in a futile military campaign. "History in the Depths" is a rare and haunting experience unlike any other visual record that unites New Zealand and Australia with one time enemy, Turkey.'
Kevin Andreassend - New Zealand

'I liked the tape very much. The story was poignant, told beautiful. It is too good for the history channel. I like it to be shown in the PBS, channel 2 program.
Muazzez K. Lohmiller - Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory - USA

'Each dive to the sacred war graves of Gallipoli and Dardanelles was a thrilling rendezvous with the wandering ghosts of the deep. As if they were not sunken men-of-war, but alive witnesses of 1915.'
Savaş Karakaş, Producer


We enjoyed your talk to the Rotary Club very much because we were able to see your passion for the subject, even though we needed an interpreter. It was obvious to us that your research was motivated by a strong personal interest.

Now that we have viewed the English version of History in the Depths, we can appreciate much more the considerable work you have done in researching the events of the Gallipoli landings and their defence. You tell a powerful human story which is a wonderful tribute to your grandparents.

Many congratulations. We hope that your documentary will be seen throughout the world. It is a very human story of ordinary men and women who suffered from bad leadership.

Best wishes

Tom Maughan - Rotary Club - 17 Mayıs 2002