This is a two episode documentary film produced for the 50th Anniversary of the very tragic loss of the Dumlupinar Submarine. Dumlupinar was lost on 4 April 1953 in the Dardanelles while serving the Turkish Navy, after being rammed by a Swedish freighter Naboland. This catastrophe still creates great public sorrow and is remembered every April 4th, since 22 members of the crew were alive and begging for help in the submarine for 48 hours after the accident, but it was never possible to rescue them. This whole tragedy with a total loss of 81 submariners and only 5 survivors has always been regarded as a taboo for the Turkish Navy after them.

In the first episode (52') Karakas after half a century, asks to the veterans and witnesses, who was responsible from the lives of 81 submariners, why this tragic accident, which created a diplomatic crisis between Sweden and Turkey happened, why rescue operations failed and at least the lives of 22 crew members could not be saved. The answers are heartbreaking... This very submarine was named USS Blower form 1944 to 1950 and she served in the US Navy. In this documentary you will also get to know her life in US Navy, especially the accident of her with a US patrol boat while she was going her first mission on October 10th, 1945.

In the second episode (33'), you will see the wreck of Dumlupinar which is lying in the middle of the Dardanelles, filmed at 90 meters with Remote Operated Vehicle ("ROV"). Besides, the first underwater filming of the wreck site after fifty years, professional deep divers will dive with a stage and leave a memory plaque to the wreck. This is a major event as the only two survivors of the accident are on board and these old veterans see for the very first time the graveyard of their comrades. And accompany of the family members of the lost submarines, their daughters, brothers and sisters to the first ever expedition to Dumlupinar is as heart breaking as the Dumlupinar's dramatic story.